At Old Town Massage Center, Inc we only use organic products. What we apply to your skin, and our own, is absorbed into our respective blood streams. Using pure products that contain no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or preservatives minimizes your exposure to harmful ingredients. What we use is not inexpensive but we believe that this is the best approach when promoting health and well-being.


The skin is a semi permeable membrane and our body’s largest organ. What you apply to it soaks through and will end up circulating through out your body. Therefore we use a number of single ingredient options such as 100% organic Jojoba oil, 100% organic unrefined food grade coconut oil, 100% organic castor oil and 100% organic shea butter. We also can offer organic professional products by Biotone. We ask that you let us know your personal preference.


The only massage product we use that is not 100% organic is the Jaxsen’s anti inflammatory and analgesic (pain killing) cream that we find superior to any other product on the market.  The ingredients in this cream are all organically sourced except for the menthol. Jaxsen’s  is working on the development of a purely organic version and as soon as it comes out we will be using and selling it.


We also carry a long line of organic essential oils by Aura Cacia ™ which we will use in your massage session for a small up charge. When you come in and put yourself in the care of our hands you know we will take care of you.