Regardless of the type of massage you want, we believe your massage needs to be as unique as you are.  One type of massage does not fit all. Therefore, our therapists offer sessions using techniques from various massage modalities. While we have therapists who specialize in many forms of body work, all of our therapists can provide excellent Swedish and deep tissue work.


Drawing on extensive training, your therapist will incorporate elements from numerous techniques to ensure that you receive the type of massage that is best suited and most effective to your needs on any particular day. We partner with you to create a customized session. Our client’s modesty is always respected; we take great care when draping.


If you would like to learn more about the various offerings described here, have no fear. Your therapist will consult with you on the day of your massage to create a wonderful relaxing and therapeutic experience based on your unique needs. We are also happy to answer any of your questions if you call for further information.

Deep Tissue

Using focused, slow strokes and deep pressure the therapist directly affects muscle tension and dysfunction, seeking to release muscle tissue thus increasing metabolic functions at the cellular level to achieve lasting changes.



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Myofascial Release
(Connective Tissue Massage)

Working to release contracted connective tissue the therapist gently creates space allowing muscles, tendons and ligaments to release. This type of massage creates a feeling of roominess and energy in the body. It is highly effective for relief from fibromyalgia, chronic pain and injuries of all sorts.



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Sports Massage

At Old Town Massage Center, Inc we have been working with elite and amateur athletes since 2001. We have several therapists on staff who have additional advance training in Sports Massage. Only those therapists with formal sports massage training offer this modality.  Therefore you will be in good hands when you come to us with your sports related aches, pains and injuries. Our certified therapists have extensive knowledge of anatomy and will work with you on relieving the stresses that are specific to your individual sport. Releasing tension in over-used or stressed muscles can not only enhance athletic performance, increase strength and endurance, but it can also help keep you injury free. Many of our athlete clients swear by our services and credit massage and stretching with keeping them at the top of their game. So whether you are a top Elite or a weekend worrier give us a try, your muscles will thank you!


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Spinal Reflex Therapy

A natural way to relieve pain and restore balance within your body. SRT is the only neurology-based manual acupressure technique designed to effectively turn off acute, chronic pain and joint dysfunction by changing the impulse of nerve and muscle activity.


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This technique uses various palpation methods to address five specific causes of muscular pain and dysfunction. The muscles are worked in a very precise manner addressing the muscle belly, the muscle origin and its insertion.


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Medical Massage

More than just a massage session. Medical Massage is outcome based massage where your therapist works with you to resolve, via massage, your muscular complaints. Your therapist will develop a treatment plan and work with you on improving things like range of motion, lessening pain and discomfort, improving postural alignment and releasing tight muscles. You will do a verbal intake and work with your therapist on spacing of appointments based on rate of improvement.


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