COVID-19 Update:


OTMC is permanently closed at our Duke Street location. When it is safe for the health of our clients and staff we plan to re-open in a new location.


Dear Clients of Old Town Massage Center,


It is with much sadness that we announce our permanent closure at 3303 Duke Street in Alexandria.  The novel Corona virus has imposed a forced shutdown of our industry.  We have been unable to practice for many weeks now.  With no income and high rent we are forced to close at this location, despite just having done a major expansion.


We tried working with our land lord who refused forbearance and insisted on collecting rent.  With us not being able to pay he released us from our lease.  Rather than being forced into bankruptcy we have chosen to move out and wait for the situation to settle.   Thus we are in prime position to reopen in a new space once we get a better handle on exactly how to practice in this “new normal” 


We will honor all packages and gift cards once we reopen.


Stay safe and be well,


The Therapists, staff and Jette