Regardless of the type of massage you want, we believe your massage needs to be as unique as you are.  One type of massage does not fit all. Therefore, our therapists offer sessions using techniques from various massage modalities.


Drawing on extensive training, your therapist will incorporate elements from numerous techniques to ensure that you receive the type of massage that is best suited and most effective to your needs on any particular day. We partner with you to create a customized session. Our client’s modesty is always respected; we take great care when draping.


Confused? If you are confused by the various offerings described here, do not worry. Your therapist will work with you on the day of your massage to create a wonderful relaxing and therapeutic experience based on your unique needs. While we have therapists who specialize in many forms of body work all of our therapists can provide excellent Swedish and deep tissue work. We are also happy to answer any of your questions if you call for further information.

Corporate Seated Massage

Reward your staff, your biggest asset, with a few minutes of relaxation in your offices. We will send professional massage therapists to your office to perform seated massage sessions of 10-30 mins. We can bring soft music, essential oils and create an environment of relation so your staff will gain full benefit from the sessions. A welcome thank you for a hard won project or to liven up your annual healthfair. A minimum of 2 Hrs of seated work is required in order for us to dispatch a therapist. Please book ahead of time by emailing office manager Down payment is required at time of booking. Remainder is to be paid the day before event.

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