Partners & Providers

We work closely with other health care providers to bring our clients the best holistic care possible. If you'd like to explore treatment from other great locations, these are the ones in our area that we'd recommend.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group, Dr. Lauren Dodds, D.C. 
3313 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA  22314
Tel: 703-823-3704

Capital Chiropractic, Dr. Amy Crawley, D.C.
518 N. Henry Street, Alexandria, VA  22314
Tel: 703-549-7475

Triandos Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Dr. Nick Triandos
312 South Washington St., #4D, Alexandria, VA  22314
Tel: 703-548-5600


Valens Physical Therapy, Makenzie Mazin, DScPT
1501 Duke Street, Suite 150, Alexandria VA  22314
Tel: 703-535-5491

Alliance Rehab & Physical Therapy, Kandice Minor, PT, DPT
2616 Sherwood Hall Ln., Suite 104, Alexandria, VA  22306
Tel: 703-704-5771


Dr. Kim Muzinski

5610 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207
Functional medicine, Chiropractic, nutrition, food allergies and sensitivities.

Potomac River Running
Running/Running Equipment
9 locations, including Arlington and Fairfax

We want to partner with you!

Since our debut in 2001, our main focus has been therapeutic massage. With over 80 years of combined massage expertise among our therapists, we treat various physical and mental conditions and injuries and traumas.  Our therapists are certified in many different modalities that provide us with a unique and highly effective skill set to meet clients' massage needs.   We have the expertise to work in conjunction with other healthcare providers to optimize patient results.

Many patients are expressing an interest in treatments for their conditions that minimize, or avoid, the use of drugs or surgery.  We offer a proven alternative that will work alongside your patient care plan to promote results.  While most insurance plans do not reimburse for massage therapy, FSA and HSA plan frequently do; some require a prescription from a physician.  We are also able to provide SOAP notes and coded receipts to facilitate coverage in the event of an auto or work related injury.

What Massage can do for your Patients

Optimize your patient treatment plan
Decrease healing time
Improve ROM
Improve athletic performance
Reduce scar tissue
Reduce inflammation
Decrease swelling
Decrease need for drug therapy
Decrease stress and stress related ailments (anxiety, digestive disorders)
Decrease headaches and migraines
Increase well being

Common Ailments that Respond well to Massage Therapy

"Computer Neck" (forward head posture, anteriorly rotated shoulders)
Back pain
Carpal Tunnel
Anterior compartment syndrome
Patellar tracking issues
IT band tightness
Sciatica due to piriformis syndrome
Trigger finger
Disc herniations
Frozen shoulder
Rotator cuff injuries
Pelvic misalignments
Plantar fasciitis
Ear aches and tinnitus
Strains and sprains
Pregnancy related pains and discomfort

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Alexandria, VA 22314
Open 7 Days a week
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Saturdays..................9.00AM - 6.00PM
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Sessions by Appointment Only!

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3303 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA  22314