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We only employ experienced, Nationally Certified and state-licensed massage therapists. Our staff is what sets us apart from all other massage centers. We have over 90 years of massage experience combined among our staff members. Our staff is truly passionate about their work and therefore continuously seeking to enhance their skill set through continuing education and by working collaboratively in house. You may rest assured that a session from any staff member will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Allison has been a massage therapist for 15 years and worked for ten years in Philadelphia, including the University of Pennsylvania's massage program. Since 2010, she has studied Structural Integration, which works on the connective tissue from the feet to the head, freeing joints, reducing pain and improving posture, balance, body awareness and breathing capacity. Sessions can be lighter and meditative or deeper reaching specific problem areas, depending on the needs of each person and may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports massage and gentle Biodynamic Craniosacral. She works with athletes and the elderly She also loves working with pregnant and post-natal women. Allison is happy to again live along the Potomac River where she grew up.

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Amanda is a 2003 PMTI graduate. Amanda has been at Old Town Massage Center since 2004, and as such is the staff member who has been on board the longest. Amanda has a busy home life. Her work at OTMC is grounded in finding ways to offer relief and relaxation to her clients. Amanda's years of experience comes through in her sessions. Her touch is gentle but strong and Amanda specializes in relaxing deep tissue, Swedish and prenatal massage. Her cheerful, caring and warm presence combined with her healing touch will leave you wishing you had booked a longer session.

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Carolyn trained in California and does beautiful nurturing work.  Her touch is firm and present.  Her speed is slow so as to allow the tissues to open.  She is patient and coaxes the tissues to open before she goes deep.  If you like great deep massage you should book a session with Carolyn today.  Carolyn also works with Hot Stones and Pregnancy Massage,  She does wonderful Myofascial work.  Her work is well rounded and she provides her clients with a lovely healing presence. 

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Donna specializes in Ortho-Bionomy and has over 300 training hours in this hard to find modality.  If you have had a ton of deep tissue modalities and you remain stuck in your pain patterns this light touch therapeutic work may be your ticket out of pain and discomfort.  Ortho-Bionomay was developed by Osteopathic physcians and uses positional release to achieve lasting and profound results.  

This technique is safe for seniors, pregnant women, people under going various cancer treatments and those who prefer to be cajoled into relaxation.  Furthermore, Ortho-Bionomy does not require undressing so if modesty is an issue you should consider a session.
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Donna is also a Reiki Master and both teaches and practices Reiki.  Donna calls on her Reiki energy throughout any session.  Aside from OB and Reiki Donna also specializes in Swedish Massage.  Donna's work is amazing and ideal for those who wish to achieve relaxation and healing without being challenged by deep tissue work.

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Elena is BACK!!!! However, due to a very limited schedule you will need to call to schedule with her.

With over 25 years of experience, Elena is a highly knowledgeable and experienced practitioner of massage and bodywork contributing to health and healing, relaxation, stress reduction, and optimal physical performance. Elena, a former Olympic rower and medalist, studied Physical Education and Exercise Science at Saint Petersburg College of Exercise and Sports, and received her initial massage training in Belarus. After moving to the United States, and being required to re-certify, Elena attended the Fairfax School of Massage. Due to Elena’s experience, she comes recommended to the most experienced of receivers when it comes to massage; those who have received lots of work will get the most benefit out of a session with her. With a host of tricks up her sleeve, a session with Elena is a unique experience that comes with lots of movement and variation to create space in the joints and muscles. Elena is phenomenal at  gagging what her client's need on any given day. Elena’s work can be very deep, yet never brutal. Elena can also provide the most nurturing of work and loves to do fertility massage. Elena's work is always healing and is an excellent choice for addressing injuries and for injury prevention. Her wide-ranging expertise includes use of Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, stretching, trigger release, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release (myofascial meridians), myoskeletal alignment, Reflexology, pregnancy massage, cupping and hot stone massage.

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Elizabeth graduated from The Ohio College of Massotherapy in 2008. After a short tenure in a spa, she found her niche in therapeutic massage helping patients with pain management. Elizabeth has years of experience on a physician’s staff contributing to chiropractic, rehabilitation, and physical medicine. She uses a combination of massage techniques including trigger point release, neuromuscular therapy, and deep tissue massage to reduce pain and increase range of motion and mobility. She also uses a fusion of therapeutic and relaxation modalities to endow the client with a comprehensive and enjoyable treatment. Elizabeth sincerely cares for every client and takes great pride in her ability to help others.

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Esi is an extremely accomplished reflexologist (Johannesburg, RSA) who found herself wanting to explore more bodywork and expand her knowledge to address injuries sustained in a car accident. As a result, she graduated from the Northern Virginia Community College’s Clinical Massage program. Esi actively tailors her massage sessions to specific client needs. Her work includes several massage techniques that are specifically focused for injury prevention and rehabilitation; greatly enhance PT treatment and Pre and / or Post surgery. A typical massage session with Esi includes the combined use of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial release and Myoskeletal alignment to effectively ‘lubricate the joint” for movement ease and muscle release. No two sessions with Esi are ever the same. Whether you want an intuitive touch or a deep tissue sport massage, Esi’s work will relax your entire system while helping you work through your ailments as well. Esi also enjoys working with families to be. She has taken advanced prenatal and pregnancy training through Claire Marie Miller. So, combined with her many other advanced trainnings (see below) Esi delivers nurturing yet firm movement that nurtures mothers, babies and fathers alike. Aside from her advanced certifications in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy ®, her certification in reflexology and meridian therapy, and Myoskeletal Alignment training, Esi’s other advanced certifications include Spinal Reflex Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Trigger Point, Bowenwork Therapy and prenatal and pregnancy, as well as, postpartum Massage.

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Jette is the owner and founder of Old Town Massage Center, Inc. She had a vision of building the best therapeutic massage center possible and has been working to achieve this goal since 2001. Jette attended and graduated from Potomac Massage Training Institute in 2000 after leaving a successful career in Telecommunications that left her feeling unfulfilled. Since finding her passion, Jette has taken many courses in various modalities that include but are not limited to Swedish and deep tissue massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy (certified in 2001), sports massage, muscle release therapy, orthopedic massage, prenatal/pregnancy massage, biodynamic craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage. As a result of such varied training, no session from Jette will be the same. Her massage has a traditional deep tissue feeling, but depending on the reason for which you’re coming in, she will approach it from one of many angles and will strive to find a way to achieve your massage goals regardless of what they are. Jette has a special fondness for prenatal and pregnancy related work and believes in nurturing mother baby dynamics from conception through postpartum bonding and integration.

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Joanna was working in a local healing center prior to working with us.  Her focus is on therapeutic work and she loves to find trigger points and release them.  Joanna's work is precise and deep and will offer relief and release.

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Heather graduated at the top of her class in the Northern Virginia Community College Massage Therapy Program, in 2013.  She specializes in working with clients with chronic pain and injury recovery.  She also works clients with pre and post surgery (elective and non-elective).  She utilizes different modalities such as Spinal Reflex Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Deep tissue, Stretching, etc to effectively reduce pain and increase range of motion of the affected area. Heather is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimal wellness. 

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Jura uses a fusion of the most effective techniques to craft a custom session for relaxation, maintenance of well-being, and pain management.  Jura is skilled in several massage modalities including myofascial release and trigger point therapy.  She is passionate about the benefits of massage and looks forward to improving your overall health and wellness.

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Lauren takes a holistic approach to her treatment sessions, striving to make an impact beyond the massage table by aiding her clients in identifying the life patterns responsible for contributing to dis-ease within the physical body. Her practice is best described as a blend of intuition and science, using the former to guide her skilled hands to successfully decrease pain, increase range of motion, and soothe the spirit. Lauren works with a compassionate touch and will use a variety of techniques to ensure that each session is customized to effectively address your specific needs. Some of her specialties include: Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, active and passive stretching, deep tissue, trigger point myotherapy, side-lying prenatal, Usui Reiki, intuitive energy work, aromatherapy, breath guidance, and most recently, table-modified Nuad Boran (Thai Bodywork).

Lauren first sought massage therapy after years of modern medicinal therapies failed to heal her body’s soft tissue traumas that resulted from a car accident with an 18-wheeled truck in 2004. She knew she had found her calling after receiving her first treatment and went on to graduate with honors from NVCC’s Clinical Massage Therapy Program in 2009. Lauren would later graduate Marymount University in 2015 at the top of her class with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Promotion, which focused heavily on physical rehabilitation and public health. Always a student, Lauren continuously seeks out new opportunities to expand her knowledge in order to better serve her community.

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Sachi is a graduate of  the Northern Virginia Community College's Clinical Massage Program which is considered one of the best programs in the DC area. Sachi has been practicing bodywork for over 5 years. She has a lovely centered presence and her approach is always client focused. Sachi's specialties include Spinal Reflex Therapy, prenatal and pregnancy massage, reiki, sports massage and trigger point therapy. Sachi draws on many different modalities, incorporating them into a wonderfully unique session. The experience for the recipient is wonderful and each session has it's own personality. Adding a touch of Reiki, Deep Tissue, Swedish massage or sports massage Sachi builds beautiful therapeutic sessions for each of her clients. “Treasure each meeting, for it’s once in a life time.” is a Japanese phrase from Zen Buddhism, often used to describe the spirit of tea ceremonies. Similarly, Sachi values every minute of every session with her clients. “It’s important for me that I not only treat my client’s aches and pains but also promote his/her whole wellness." This approach comes through in everyone of her sessions.

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Suzie has been working as a massage therapist since 2007. A graduate of the Cortiva Institute in Boston, MA. Suzie has been with us since 2012 and is one of our top requested therapists. Suzie's work is very precise and therapeutic. If you have an injury that needs attention, Suzie will apply a combination of deep tissue, Neuromuscular, sports and Swedish massage techniques. During your session with her, Suzie will treat you in a very specific, very precise manner. Beginning by working around the problematic area and gradually coming into the center of the problem Suzie applies deep pressure and holds for several seconds while waiting for the release. Suzie's work is skillful and does not produce pain. Best of all, even if Suzie simply addresses a single area of concern she will make your entire body feel like it received a relaxing massage. Suzie enjoys working with people in chronic pain and helping them find relief and achieve their optimal health. Suzie also enjoys working with athletes seeking to optimized performance. Suzie is looking forward to taking additional trainnings in ART (Active Release Therapy) and orthopedic Massage in the near future.

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