Having A Baby


At Old Town Massage Center we offer a complete line of services for the expecting mother.  We have Certified Massage Therapists with specialized training in prenatal massage. The therapists are Esi, Sachi, Elen, Barb G, Amanda, Shelley and Jette

Pregnancy and Prenatal Massage: We offer safe therapeutic massage sessions designed to relax the mother and infant and alleviate the stresses of pregnancy.  Our sessions promote mother-child bonding while encouraging over all wellness throughout gestation and beyond. Pregnancy massage is conducted in positions that are safe for the mother and infant, and that allow for full body relaxation and always only by Certified Massage Therapists with training in pregnancy work. There is no additional cost for pregnancy massage; pricing is aligned with our other massage services.

Postpartum Massage:  Postpartum massage is also offered to support the mother in her new role. This work helps the mother return to her previous health and stamina and assists in promoting mother-child bonding. Postpartum work is priced the same as prenatal massage.

On Bed Rest?: Jette will do out calls for pregnant women on bed rest provided they have written authorization from their doctor. Fees for this service vary according to location and session length and start as low as $125.

Infant Massage Instruction:  To further support parents in their new roles, Infant Massage instruction is also offered at Old Town Massage Center. Jette demonstrates safe infant massage techniques on a doll and the parents apply the techniques on their child.  Jette works one-on-one with parents in achieving familiarity and confidence when massaging their infant. The strokes are designed to promote bonding and parent-child communication.  The techniques taught will help overcome gas and colic and encourage sensory integration in the immature infant central nervous system.  At the same time infant massage provides the regular heath benefits of massage, increased circulation, better digestion, increased immune response, decreased stress levels, in the infant.  

Sessions are offered in the comfort of your home or at Old Town Massage Center.  Group instruction sessions may also be arranged.  Infant massage instruction is priced as low as $160 for 3 sessions up to 60 minutes in length. They should be arranged so as not to conflict with nap schedules.


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