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Located at 3303 Duke Street Alexandria, VA 22314, Old Town Massage Center, Inc was founded by Jette Hansen, in 2001.  Jette's vision was to create a space where the very best therapeutic massage would be offered.  As susch Jette strives to hire the highest quality therapists.  The net result is that OTMC does not do cookie-cutter massages; each and every session is tailored to meet the client's individual needs.  We strive to create a space where anyone would feel comfortable and well cared for.


Old Town Massage Center, Inc will in all instances respect client confidentiality and handle client files accordingly. No client information will be communicated without the written authorization of the client.

What to expect:

Your session is all about you. We believe that when it comes to massage one size never fits all. Once you arrive and are greeted in the lobby you will fill out an intake form after which your therapist will take you to a treatment room and will begin your initial evaluation. During the initial intake session your therapist will discuss with you your health history and needs and will then tailor your massage session accordingly. Your therapist will schedule any subsequent sessions for you as you leave.  A brief intake will be performed at the beginning of each following visit to track your progress.  After all, the body can feel very different from day to day and can need different things from each session.  

Our Therapists:

We only employ experienced, Nationally Certified and/or licensed massage therapists.  Our staff is what sets us apart.  Among our therapists, we have over 150 years of experience combined.  This breadth of experience is truly unique and something of which we are very proud.  It allows us to offer a truly unique combination of outstanding services for the discerning massage client.

Session Length:

At Old Town Massage Center, we schedule sessions to allow time for your massage therapist to discuss your health and what you need from your session that day. We believe that taking this extra time is what allows us to go the extra mile for you. At your first appointment your therapist will review and discuss your initial intake form with you. Many centers will book clients close together allowing only for a fifty minute "spa hour" of massage time, leaving therapist and client hurried to get the room ready for the next client. At Old Town Massage Center we book our sessions so that you always enjoy massage for the full amount of time that you have scheduled. If you come in for an hour session you will get a full sixty minutes of work, provided that you are on time for your appointment.

Right to Terminate:

At Old Town Massage Center, our Nationally Certified and licensed massage therapists will consult with you, the client, to provide safe, non-sexual, therapeutic massage specifically tailored to your needs. Our therapists will employ only professional massage techniques demonstrated to provide therapeutic value. At Old Town Massage Center, therapists practice massage in strict compliance with local massage laws and according to the standards of ethics as dictated by the American Massage Therapy Association and the NCBTMB. No sexual innuendo or advances, or otherwise threatening behavior will be tolerated. Clients may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when receiving work.  Payment will be expected in full for any session terminated due to inappropriate client behavior or client inebriation.

Booking Information:

For your convenience, you may book your appointments one of two ways.

Use our easily accessible online booking system. A few quick clicks and you will be set to come in for some "you time". You can also change or modify any appointment you have on the books once your personal data has been entered and you have established your secure password.

Or you may call us at 703-518-8484. Our front desk staff will assist you to match your needs with the correct therapists. After hours we use a professional booking service to answer our phones. They have full access to our system and can assist you in making or changing an appointment. Confidential information, such as credit card information, is never visible to anyone once it has been entered.

However you may choose to book with us, you will receive an email message, to your email address of choice, confirming the date and time of your appointment once you have made it. A few days before your scheduled time you will also receive an appointment reminder. We do require 24 hours notification on cancellations. While we make exceptions for emergencies, full payment for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice is expected.


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Open 7 Days a week
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Sessions by Appointment Only!

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